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50 Obstacles To Leaving by Sarah M. Buel (View in PDF format)
Source: THE COLORADO LAWYER / Oct 1999 / Vol. 28, No. 10

20 Reasons Why She Stays - A Guide for Those Who Want to Help Battered Women 
by Susan G. S. McGee (View in PDF format)


The Role of Advocates  (View .doc)


Some Of The Ways Shelter Programs (And Other Helping Systems) Revictimize Battered Women (View .doc)


Shelter is a Place that Provides…Shelter is a Place that Does Not….  (View .doc)


Revictimization Of Battered Women And Children In Shelters: Battered Womanism  (View .doc)


For Women Who Have Been Battered  Safety  & Accountability Means….  (View .doc)


Advocacy:  Social Change For Women's Sovereignty And Safety  (View .doc)


Advocates Do…, Advocates Don’t  (View PDF)


Bill Of Rights For Women Who Have Been Battered Or Raped (View .doc)


Real Tools: Responding to Multi-Abuse Trauma by Debi Edmunds and Patti Bland  (View .doc)


Disloyal to Feminism: Abuse of Survivors within the Domestic Violence Shelter System by Emi Koyama  (View PDF)


How the Earth Didn’t Fly Into the Sun- Missouri’s Project to Reduce Rules in DV Shelters  (View PDF)


Ethics of Communication (View in PDF format)

Mental Health Consequences (View in PDF format) 
Source: The National Center for Victims of Crime

National Violence Against Women Survey (View in PDF format)
Source: NIJ CDC / July 2000

NNEDV Confidentiality for Field Emergencies (View in PDF format)
Source: NNEDV 2010 

Not Round Here Manual by Kenton Penley Miller and Mahamati
(View in PDF format) 
Source: Copyright Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission 2000

Repeat Rape and Multiple Offending by David Lisak (View in PDF format)
Source: Violence and Victims, Vol. 17, No. 1. 2002

Stalking (View in PDF format)
by The National Center for Victims of Crime

How Violence Becomes Normal, by Danielle Sered (View the Web page)
Source: Vera Institute of Justice

Why I'll Never Apologize for My White Male Privilege, by Tal Fortgang
(View the Web page)
Source: The Princeton Tory

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